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Learn Chinese Online

Make A Lasting Connection

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Learn Chinese Online to Make A Lasting Connection

You don't learn Chinese for the sake of learning it.
learn Chinese to make a lasting connection to that someone meaningful
& to accumulate wealth


Learn from
Native Chinese Locals

Sometimes, the best way to learn Chinese is to learn from a Native Chinese; ie the "Chinese Locals".

Our teachers are conversant between 2 languages : (1) Mandarin Chinese & (2) American English, so that they can be your closest Chinese local that you can ever get to learn Chinese online right here.


No Bots,
Just Real Human Connection

Stop learning from robots.
Nothing beats a real human teacher when you learn Chinese to correct every pronunciation and grammar mistake.

Bots are not still not good enough
to detect your mistakes and correct you immediately like our teachers are able to


Learn Chinese
1-to-1 Online

Get undivided attention in your journey to learn Chinese online. From years of experience, our students find their best progress from being given undivided attention, so that that they can bloom at their own pace, without being left behind in a large classroom.

So learn Chinese 1 to 1 online with your Chinese teacher, at your own pace and space!

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(YES, YOU!!):

If you a professional, director or an executive in your company, you would probably have to create & build a lasting relationship with Chinese clients, vendors and customers.

This relationship-building includes both existing & future relationships, especially when more and more China Multi-National Corporations (CMNC) migrate their headquaters into Singapore.

In addition to building relationship-bridges, you also need to secure new contracts to bring in more revenue for your company. Creating wealth, or by bringng in more revenue, requires strong skillsets, in particular, grasping a strong command of the Chinese Language. You do not have a choice from 2021 onwards!

Wouldnt you like to turn the tides of wealth & lasting relationships to your favour?
(Psst! All it takes is closing the knowledge gap in your Chinese language)

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In addition, many MNCs (like Alibaba, TikTok, Ant Group, etc) from China are migrating their headquarters into Singapore, bringing along billions of dollars of China foreign investments.

Wouldn't you like to get a slice of this boom, in financial, business relationship or maybe even a romantic upside?

Or would you rather be on the sidelines to watch all these opportunities go past you by?

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The old painful way to learn the Chinese language is through textbooks, and in isolation.

How are you able to level-up in your Chinese pronunciations and grasp the Chinese language through textbooks and learning in secret?

How about the 4 Chinese tones, do you really think you can practise this by yourself by looking at the mirror?

Learning Chinese involves a 2-way communicative approach with a native speaker, in particular, an expert who can articulate the nuances and grammatical and syntactical rules of the Chinese language.

You really need a good teacher who can make you separate the noise, the confusion, the mental cloud from the true signals that you need to follow.

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What if that really great teacher can customize a lesson plan for you?

  • That fits your busy schedule?

  • That fits your pace of learning?

  • That fits your abilities?

  • That is only focused on you alone, without any distractions from any other students?

  • That you can learn while commuting from work?

  • That you can learn from the comfort of your own home?

  • That you can interact with a real human being? And not some dumb robot?

    Get your customised Chinese Lesson plan just for you here with Dr Guo Xiaowei, at



Dr. Guo Xiao Wei

Highest Qualification:

PhD in Architecture
National University of Singapore,

Years teaching
Chinese Language:

8 Years +

Country of Birth

Qinghai, China

Present Country
of Residence

Beijing, China &
Singapore, Singapore


Singapore MNC CEOs &
C-Suite Executives

Meet Your
Chinese Language Teacher

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