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Learn Chinese Online

Make A Lasting Connection

Learn Chinese Online to Make A Lasting Connection

You don't learn Chinese for the sake of learning it.
learn Chinese to make a lasting connection to that someone special

Learn from
Native Chinese Locals

Sometimes, the best way to learn Chinese is to learn from a Native Chinese; ie the "Chinese Locals".

Our teachers are conversant between 2 languages : (1) Mandarin Chinese & (2) American English, so that they can be your closest Chinese local that you can ever get to learn Chinese online right here.

No Bots,
Just Real Human Connection

Stop learning from robots.
Nothing beats a real human teacher when you learn Chinese to correct every pronunciation and grammar mistake.

Bots are not still not good enough
to detect your mistakes and correct you immediately like our teachers are able to

Learn Chinese
1-to-1 Online

Get undivided attention in your journey to learn Chinese online. From years of experience, our students find their best progress from being given undivided attention, so that that they can bloom at their own pace, without being left behind in a large classroom.

So learn Chinese 1 to 1 online with your Chinese teacher, at your own pace and space!

Meet Your Chinese Language Teacher


Highest Qualification:

Guo Xiao Wei

PhD in Architecture
National University of Singapore, NUS

Years teaching
Chinese Language:

8 Years

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